Friday, April 17, 2020

These strange Americans Review Essay Example

These strange Americans Review Paper Essay on These strange Americans Write a book (as it is, and it is said), the typical American in origin and life. Stephanie Faul freelance artist, who lives in the capital, Washington, DC Miss Foul descendant of Czech immigrants and Connecticut Yankee, her grandmother spoke German, and cousins ​​lived in Canada her idea of ​​another world enriched education in French primary school, Swiss boarding school, as well.. also numerous booze in English pubs during student holidays. Can we blame the incompetence of the author analysis was applied to all aspects of American life here and about their live thinking, bloated under the so-called delicacy (Im talking about discrimination on various grounds) and directly related to this struggle for the rights of minorities (who were It will soon become the majority), with respect to the work, the general promotion of healthy lifestyles and in particular obsession with hair, teeth and smell them really pop culture, cult financial success, etc. In general, to dissect the lives and thoughts. The style of presentation of course ironic. In some ways, my knowledge of them confirmed (adolescent identity, friendship, attitude towards foreigners, etc.). But some aspects of surprised me. I was genuinely convinced that the American system really the best system in the world, and the American justice is that right. In fact, it turns out that myths myths and the reality is that our country this is not so different. Russians and Americans in general somewhat similar. Maybe thats why we are so not like see in America a possible variant Russia We will write a custom essay sample on These strange Americans Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on These strange Americans Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on These strange Americans Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Quote: Every time he sat down at the table, the Americans freeze from the terrible thought that because of. food can be and die, or, worse, of getting fat. Malnutrition leads to disease, especially heart, and you never know what kind of piece would kill you eventually. The most suspect foods are steak ( heart attack on a plate) and all that much fat, cholesterol, calories and low in fiber sugar, butter, cheese, ice cream, . Ulka and everything fried was recently discovered that the main American Food sausage causes leukemia children Even spinach and beets far from harmless -.. They Prorva oxalic acid, which is harmful Food stands at the forefront of the struggle for eternal youth in large numbers , good health and a slim figure, and has already suffered its first loss loss of taste the Americans are obsessed with nutrition, aided by endless research to prove the harmfulness or usefulness of the order, then this Americans as possible to feed any tasteless crap, you just have to convince him that he is on this pozdoroveet and lose weight. In the restaurant menu, special badges marked dishes heart-healthy (low in cholesterol and saturated fat) and diet (a vague term that implies, although it is not necessary, low in calories or fat). In supermarkets there are entire shelves with products labeled low-salt, low calorie, low fat, cholesterol-free, diet or synthetic ( tasteless can no longer write so clear). Americans eat bacon made from soy, fake eggs in plastic cups, low fat cheese, similar in appearance to the chewed shoes, soda pop of chemicals with unpronounceable names, and rich in fiber bread, which for grandeur mixed cellulose. Forbidden foods, especially chocolate, causing Americans to shudder secret rapture, which in other nations is sex. By sending in your mouth every piece of chocolate cream cake or butter, Americans are overwhelming feeling that destroy your soul. Bold sinful desserts provide a sinister names devils foot, Chocolate Madness, Death by Chocolate. This is a reminder that, and so it is known to every American: food is dangerous for your health .

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